Hello, my name is Darrio

I originate from Ohio, USA. I came to Australia in the early 1980’s where I was one of the original Hip-Hop dancers in Australia; (The Double D’s) dancing on countless TV programs, promotions, tours and shows. This resulted in me becoming famous for my individual performances and with other dancers, groups and choreographers.

I am known to promote ‘peace, love and unity in dance’. Setting up one of the first street dance schools in Australia and bringing Hip-Hop dance into the Catholic & State Education curriculum as an acceptable style of dance for Sport & PE. As a performer and entertainer armed with street dance credibility and music culture, my appeal was naturally with the youth who were itching to learn this new and cool culture. This resulted in me leading the way with my own distinct style and passing on my knowledge through dance.

Always at the forefront stylistically, I have always maintained a quality and a forward thinking attitude towards my art at all times. Today, my name (Darrio Phillips) is synonymous with Hip-Hop dance having educated several generations throughout Australia and in the US.

Now in 2018, with fresh achieved Certificate IV in Youth Work, and Small Biz Coaching & Mentoring; I’m seeking to further evolve and re-launch my career as a teacher for those exploring their creativity in dance and fitness through self expression and movement.

As a mentor, motivational speaker and life coach – I am  now sharing my life experiences in an industry that has brought me together with a plethora of different individuals and situations.

dance styles

Hip Hop Basics

Great for beginners and fun fitness routine

Complete with a warm-up, and a light stretch. Starting out with slower paced movement and steps incorporating “grooving” warming up the, neck, shoulders and hips. Teaching foundation moves.

Jazz/ Funk/ Hiphop/ Krump

Great for fitness

Fun and faster paced. A interesting mix of styles that end up fun and challenging. Complete with warm-up and stretch. Great for fitness. This class will make the blood pumped guaranteed.

Open Locking

Performance oriented

Locking (originally Campbellocking). A style of street dance which is today also associated with Hip Hop dance. It relies on fast distinct arm and hand movements combined with more relaxed hips and legs. The movements are generally large and exaggerated and often very rhythmic and lightly synced with the music.


Performance oriented

Popping is another popular street style of today. Its described as the contraction and release of muscles to the beat and rhythm of music, giving a look of animation. However there are other foundational moves and poses covered in the lesson, to create the style, including waving, tutting, hitting (Dime stop),and gliding (aka “moonwalk).


Energetic and emotional style of dance

Krump is the newest style to come out of LA (USA) as seen in such movies as Rize and Stomp The Yard. It is and energetic and emotional style of dance, with a definite tribal flavor, that echoes the voice of the ancestors from which we came. A freestyle form of dance, the beginner Krump gives you foundation move “Stomping”,” Chestpops” (beat keeping and breathing technique) and “Armswings” (expression, gestures, and communication). They are to assist you with building your own character in the dance.


'Own' the dance

This not a class but is done at the end of the class, ‘the Fun Stuff”. The sole purpose is to wind the class but with a big finish. This allows the kids to freestyle, using there “own” or whatever moves, styles or techniques they learn in the workshops.



Granville Multicultural Community Centre

Erick Elefante

Youth team leader

“Darrio Philips has conducted many dance programs and performance events for over half a decade with our service! He has shown a dedication to the many young people he came into contact with in our programs and events and has worked tirelessly to develop their skills so they are able to show case their talent and potential.”

Bronte Fitness

Juliet  Vanessa

Fitness Trainer

"Darrio has been teaching hip hop / moves and grooves for us at Bronte fitness for the last 4 years . He is much sought after by both casual visitors and our own clients. Darrio has  a well renown reputation , in the dance industry and this is passed on through his teaching and classes . Darrio's passion for dance is unsurpassable... which our clients benefit from not only through his technique , but also from a fitness perspective ".

MLC School


At MLC School we have been lucky to have enjoyed a long standing partnership with Darrio for over 10 years. His energy, enthusiasm and professionalism is instantly noticed and embraced during classes.  He is a master of his craft and delivers a quality program. Due to the success of his teaching and the Hip Hop Dance program, in 2016, we delivered a  cross curriculum program that included English and Dance. Darrio’s insight, collaboration and experience was vital to once again delivering a remarkable piece of work that our students thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Darrio!

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